What Makes Boise, Idaho So Special?

Explore what makes Boise Idaho such an attractive destination - from its picturesque mountain views to its vibrant city center - there's something for everyone! Learn about Camel's Back Park & Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area plus much more.

What Makes Boise, Idaho So Special?

If you're thinking of living in Boise, you might be familiar with the city for its picturesque mountain views, outdoor recreational activities, and a vibrant city center. Boise is also known as the City of Trees, home to the famous Boise State Broncos football team, and its majestic capitol. Camel's Back Park is located on the northern edge of the city of Boise, just on the edge of the Boise foothills. It's quite a popular place and has a variety of different things to do.

This park has 11 acres in total and has tennis courts, children's games, and an outdoor gym for exercise fans. This historic site was built in 1870 with hand-cut sandstone and later returned to its status as a museum and state historic site. The former Idaho penitentiary is also called “Old Pen” and houses more than 30 historic structures, most of which now have educational exhibits. You can tour the facility to see the jail cells, the gallows, and the famous solitary confinement area. The Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is located just 20 miles from downtown Boise, and is a popular year-round recreational spot.

During the winter season, its hills become a popular ski area. In addition, there are several chairlifts along with four chairlifts that access 2,600 acres of skiable terrain. During the hot summer, it becomes a beautiful trail system for hiking and downhill mountain biking. Do you love water and lush greenery? Don't miss the Boise River Green Belt, which is located along the Boise River and unites a whopping 850 acres of natural areas and parks. This river runs through the center of the city and offers a variety of walking and biking trails, as well as many other wildlife viewing opportunities.

Albertson Park is located on an area of 41 acres, located in the southwest of downtown Boise. Most of this park is wetland, the habitat is full of wildlife and a variety of beautiful birds. There are also walking trails, decorative fountains, and signs next to the beautifully paved walkways that give you information about the surrounding flora and fauna. Boise, the capital of Idaho, was established during the gold rush days of the 19th century. What was then a municipality located next to Fort Boise has become a vibrant cultural capital with tons of tourist attractions over the past 180 years.

While it's no longer gold that attracts so much interest in the city, the rich natural resources continue to make Boise a great place to live. To enjoy the city's natural appeal, a variety of urban parks line the Boise River's green belt.Other places in the city to visit include the former Idaho Penitentiary and the State Capitol. These family-friendly attractions offer full days of travel and sightseeing opportunities. Built in 1870 with hand-cut sandstone, the former Idaho Penitentiary housed inmates for more than a century before returning to being a museum and state historic site.

The former Idaho Penitentiary, or Old Pen, includes 30 historic structures, some of which now have educational exhibits. The Idaho State Capitol stands out on picturesque terrain near downtown. It has a long history in Boise, spanning more than 100 years, and this state government center is a popular spot for photography and touring. It's also a lovely place to stroll in nice weather, especially with its views of the not-too-distant foothills of Boise. The Boise Green Belt, located along the Boise River, crosses the city center and unites 850 acres of natural areas and parks.

The 25-mile Greenbelt offers a variety of walking and biking trails, as well as opportunities to spot wildlife. This picturesque corridor is often used both for traveling without a motor and for enjoying nature. The park is busy throughout the summer season (May to September), especially on weekends. But with so much space and different interests, it rarely feels crowded. Admission to each attraction at Julia Davis Park varies, as does the opening hours. Camel's Back Park is at the north end of the city and on the edge of the Boise foothills.

It's a popular open space with a variety of things to do. Within the 11 acres of developed parkland, visitors take advantage of tennis courts, playground equipment, and an outdoor gym. Picnic areas and outdoor play areas are also popular during the warmer months. Kathryn Albertson Park is a 41-acre special purpose park located southwest of downtown Boise.

Most of the park is a wetland habitat full of wildlife, including a variety of birds. Consider bringing binoculars or a telephoto lens to enjoy the best views of native wildlife. Kathryn Albertson is one of many parks linked by the green belt of the Boise River. Other nearby city parks include the adjacent Ann Morrison Park and Julia Davis Park, across the river.

The garden, at Idaho Botanical Garden has 14 special gardens that vary from a contemporary English garden to a meditative garden, and each garden space has a unique focus. The botanical garden also includes a traditional rose garden with more than 300 different roses in 107 varieties.

Special events

, at the Idaho Botanical Garden include a summer solstice celebration and a scarecrow ride in fall. Throughout December month ,the botanical space, is illuminated with Winter Garden AGlow event featuring more than 500000 Christmas lights.

The Discovery Center

, hosts wide variety events & programs including summer camps & Young Discoverers club designed for children ages three to five. The museum also hosts four adult nights each year for those 21 & over who want unbridled access to play space.

Bogus Basin

, is an excellent year-round recreation area ,less than 20 miles from downtown Boise.

In winter ,the hill, is non-profit ski area that is popular with locals. Seven chairlifts & four transporter lifts access 2600 acres skiable terrain. The mountain also offers well-maintained Nordic trails & 800 foot tube ramp.


, is famous for its Basque Block ,New Year's Eve Potato Drop & many other attractions.

It's no wonder why so many people are drawn to this beautiful city!.

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