Boise, Idaho: Notable Local Businesses and Products to be Proud Of

Discover some of the most notable local businesses & products from Boise, Idaho that you can be proud of! From Albertsons to HP & Micron Technology - learn more about these employers & what they offer.

Boise, Idaho: Notable Local Businesses and Products to be Proud Of

Boise, Idaho is a city that is proud of its local businesses and products. From the iconic Albertsons supermarket chain to the innovative HP technology company, there are many employers in the area that provide jobs and services to the community.

Blue Cross of Idaho

is the oldest health insurer in the state, covering about a quarter of Idaho's population. HP is one of Idaho's top employers and has been divided into two entities, HP Inc.

and Hewlett-Packard, both with a presence in Boise.

Winco Foods

is a very popular local employer with 120 employee-owned stores in ten states.


provides hydroelectric power to its customers and has been doing so for more than 100 years.


is another major player in the technology industry, providing employment to thousands of Idahoans.

St. Luke's is an award-winning network of hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers that manage Idaho's only children's hospital and are currently expanding their Idaho Elk's Children's Pavilion. Albertsons was founded by Joe Albertsons on 16th Street and State Street in 1939 and is still headquartered in Boise. The supermarket giant has acquired brands such as Safeway and Paul's in recent years, adding to its presence in the Northwest.

Albertson's jobs range from stockists of agricultural products to financial analysts. Blue Cross of Idaho is based in Meridian and employs nearly 900 people, with more positions at headquarters in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Pocatello and Coeur d'Alene. HP developed its first LaserJet printer in Boise and has offices in Treasure Valley and throughout Southern Idaho. Winco Foods boasts high employee satisfaction and career advancement opportunities.

IDACORP employs engineers, technicians, administrative staff and more throughout the Boise area and the state of Idaho. Micron has 17 locations around the world and has been driving innovation and research for more than 40 years. Luke's provides jobs for more than 10,000 Idahoans. In addition to these major employers, there are also many smaller businesses that provide services to the community. For example, there is a medical equipment company based in Boise that supplies home medical equipment (such as oxygen tanks and wheelchairs) to people who need them.

Idaho Power depends heavily on hydroelectric power plants in Idaho and eastern Oregon, managing the transmission and distribution of electricity throughout its service area. Local universities such as Boise State University and the College of Idaho ensure that future generations of skilled professionals are prepared to step forward and lead growing businesses in the area. All of these businesses follow strict COVID guidelines so you can safely shop in person. Our sellers sell here because they are proud of their products and like to foster direct relationships with their customers. With so many notable local businesses and products to be proud of, it's no wonder why Boise, Idaho is such a great place to live.

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